Monday, March 16, 2015

The Brazilian Irony

What is utmost ironic, is that it should be the left - the working people and black population - that should demand Dilma's resignation for negating the whole electoral discourse on which she was elected... While the PT tried to sustain a class-compromise on the basis of the economic boom of the last 10 years; improving the conditions of the poor by tax-transfers, but without questioning the road of neoliberal precarious development which granted record profits to bankers and industry - this model has become unsustainable in deteriorating economic conditions. The PT has decapitated the social movements and trade-unions by co-opting and corrupting community and movements leaders in its governing positions. Given the resulting weakness on its left flank, and its decade long integration in government the PT has become a system-depended capitalist party, that has consecutively chosen the right-wing movement in the search for social compromise. For this compromise it paid the price of not executing vital political tasks - such as curtailing the power of crony capital, in particular in finance and big monopolies, democratizing the private media concerns and organizing an political-electoral reform; a price which hyperinflated during the last months.
During the last presidential elections, the close race with the rightwing PSDB and the rising class-division due to economic crisis conditions, forced Dilma to return to a ideological left-right political discourse, nearly class struggle discourse against bankers and social inequality. This discourse enabled her to get reelected by a small minority - although many on the left had already abandoned any belief in the electoral process as electoral statistics showed. But within a week of her re-election, decided to bridge the left-right polarisation - which had created some hope - by again reaching for a compromise with the right-wing elites; among other by appointing a slave-driver as minister of industry, a banker on ministry of finance and a agro-industrial on the ministry of agriculture.
This explains the lack of support and complete apathy by the historical basis of the PT- the poor, the workers and the black are not ready anymore to defend such president. has smelled the
That apathy opened the space for the right - the small white high-middle class section of society, which is historically racist and extremely reactionary - to gather a near to hegemonic position in public discourse.

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